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Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)

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A NOTAM is a notice created and compiled by local aviation authorities with the purpose of alerting pilots of any potential hazards or other essential information regarding flight operations. Commercial airline pilots often receive NOTAMs from the airline, usually via flight briefings.

NOTAMs can be issued for anything such as closed runways, unserviceable navigational aids as well as military exercises.

Methods to Obtain NOTAMs

  • Flight Briefings
  • EFB Platforms
    • EFB solutions like ForeFlight display NOTAMs in an easy, understandable way.
  • 1-800-WX-BRIEF (|1-800-992-7433)
    • A free service operated by Leidos (Previously named Lockheed Martin Flight Service)
  • FNS (Federal NOTAM System) NOTAM Search (

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