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Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS)

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An Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) is a stand guidance system that is an evolution of a Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS). A-VDGS systems use more sophisticated electronic systems to determine the location of the aircraft and use electronic screens to better inform and assist the pilot.

There are a variety of stand guidance systems that are categorized as AVDGS. Here are some of the examples:


The RLG GIS-206 is an AVDGS system that uses lasers to determine the position of the aircraft, subsequently displaying the distance the aircraft must go as well as showing an Azimuth guidance.

The top screen displays the aircraft type, the second displays the distance in meters and in the bottom left, there is a Azimuth guidance system. (Pilots are supposed to move away from the red side)

Credit: Wikimedia


The Aircraft Positioning and Information System is an AVDGS system that utilizes lasers to guide the aircraft in. The laser calculates the distance it needs to stop, which it displays on the bottom right screen.

Additionally, the APIS uses an azimuth guidance that is based on the Moire Pattern. Learn more about the Inogon marker (the bottom left) in this article here.

Safedock by ADB Safegate

ADB Safegate’s Safedock line has multiple A-DVGS stand guidance products. Here are some examples of Safedock products.

Safedock T-Series

Safedock X

The Safedock X is a new series of A-VDGS systems that includes integration with Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS).

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